Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fiji Holiday

Are you planning for a vacation in Fiji? Are you well-informed about the things you need to do when visiting this country? If not here are some of the travel guides and information when spending a holiday in Fiji. If you are still looking for Fiji holiday packages, for sure you will one that best fit for you time and budget.

Fiji, also known as the Fiji Islands, is a Melanesian country in the South Pacific Ocean. It has 332 islands and approximately 110 of which are inhabited. How interesting to know that this country is known to be the product of volcanic mountains and warm tropical waters. Many tourists from all over the world are drawn to visit Fiji due to its majestic and ever-varied coral reefs. Adding to its beauty are its lovely fine beaches, tropical rainforests, coconut plantations and fire-cleared hills.

Some sights to see in Fiji are the Garden of the Sleeping Giant and the Fiji Museum. If you love flowers and nature, the garden is truly a must for you. The Garden of the Sleeping Giant was originally the garden of famed actor, Raymond Burr which is located next to his house. Native Fijian orchids, varieties of flowers and many exotic plants are found in this 20 hectares garden. If you want to understand Fiji's historical background, Fiji Museum is the excellent place for you to visit.

Among the water activities, you can do in Fiji are whitewater rafting, surfing and sea kayaking.

Good news for tourists who will be visiting Fiji. It is blessedly free of malaria, landmines, or terrorism that attend many similarly lovely places in the world. I believed you will have a good time during your Fiji holiday. Be sure to plan it in advance to save you time and money.

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