Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital and the largest city of Czech Republic is one of the beautiful cities to visit in Europe. There is a river named Vltava that runs in this city. In fact it is the longest river that runs in the Czech Republic. The river is crossed by 18 bridges and runs through Prague over 31 km.

I have a snapshot of this river which I took during my second visit in this this city last July 2011.

Lastly, since we are bidding goodbye to 2011, I want to greet everyone a happy and more blessed New Year 2012. God bless us all! God bless the world!

a bridge that crosses Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic.
Photo taken during my visit last July 2011. The tower of the Church in the castle compound can be seen at the background.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

An interesting picture. I like how the bridge leads you into it.

Happy New Year to you too.

ByahengBarok said...

love your photo. a friend of mine has been bugging me to go to the czech repubic. wish i could finally make that happen by next year :)

KM said...

i'm going through your posts here and wow! you've been to a lot of places :) i've never gone to Europe, although me and hubby are planning to do a Euro-trip if not this year, next year. I sure can use your blog for some travel tips ;)

Thanks for checking out my MEME. I hope you can join in there too :) It starts this Friday. See ya there!


Thanks :)

jeannette said...

Can't remember if I have been in Prague itself, but we were in Czech R. itself - such a beautiful country!