Thursday, June 23, 2011

Travel Snapshot from Loboc River, Bohol, Philippines

It seems that it was only last month since I and my brother made a cruise in Loboc River in Bohol, Philippines. The cruise that we had started near Loay Bridge in Poblacion Loboc. As far as I remember, we paid between 250-300 Philippine pesos (around 5.00 Euros or $7.00) for the cruise including a buffet lunch. It was a wonderful experience dining in a floating restaurant in Bohol. A live band was also playing at the same time. The highlight of our cruise was the visit to a small island where native Filipino people live.

the floating restaurant where we had a buffet while cruising Loboc River in Bohol.

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JO said...

I've never been to Bohol yet... maybe on our next trip to the Philippines.

you got a really cool blog here.

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