Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five Alternative Hotels to Stay-In Across The Globe

There are many great hotels to stay but few have the much-coveted ‘wow’ factor. In the last 30 years, the emphasis on eco friendliness and preservation has inspired many a hotel owner to experiment with alternative hotel concepts. Of all the unusual hotels in the world, the following truly provide a once in a lifetime experience:

1) 360 Leti

Perched on the Himalayas are four perfectly placed cottages which boast a breathtaking view of this majestic mountain range. The village houses overlook the Ramganga River and snow capped mountains. From your sitting area, you’ll get a glimpse of the untouched Himalayan mountains and wilderness. Crafted by local tradesmen and staffed by locals, 360 Leti serves a variety of cuisine, including Indian, Tibetan, Continental and Asian. 360 Leti is a true Himalayan experience and has to be seen to be appreciated. This must-visit hotel has made 360 Leti very popular amongst travelers and adventurers alike, and has recently been voted in the top 101 hotels in the world, for the third year running.

2) Quinta Real Zacatecas

No one would expect an unusually characteristic lodging from a big chain but Quinta Real in Zacatecas has defied imagination by restoring a former bull fighting ring into an architectural jewel. The award winning building gives the feeling of a real Mexican fiesta in action. All suites face the cobblestone ring, which itself overlooks an old water aqueduct.

3) Hotel Palafitte

Built on wooden silts in the middle of a lake in Switzerland, this hotel is an example of things to come. All water cabins have private terraces and some of them have direct access to the lake. A good restaurant provides various menus and delicious meals while room service caters to the need of most demanding guests.

4) Jules Undersea Lodge

It is the only place on earth where you can spend a night underwater without any direct connection to the land. The lodge is located in Key Largo, Florida. To access it, one has to take a course in scuba diving. Once inside the small lodge, guests can enjoy every facility imaginable in a 2 star hotel. The freshly cooked seafood is provided by trained divers. There are two bedrooms, wet room and a common room. This undersea lodge contains a microwave, refrigerator, TV and stereo. There are three 42 inch windows.

5) Chillingham Castle

As the name suggest, the castle really gives chills. It is located in Northumberland and is a Grade I listed historic building, which is now marketed as the most haunted location in Britain. This castle has also been featured in many popular documentaries. If you don't believe in ghosts, you may want to rent a room in this castle. Maybe, you will have other thoughts, after visiting this place.

Don't miss all these unique accommodations when you have the chance.

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