Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Travel Snapshots from Cannes, France

You might be very familiar about the famous International Cannes Film Festival. Yes, it is in Cannes, France and it is held every year. I can't believed that I was able to visit this beautiful place. I can say that Cannes is probably the most elegant place in Cote d' Azur or French Riviera. With its lovely sandy beaches, super friendly climate, magnificent bay, its mountains and the charming ports, I truly find it a perfect place to spend for a vacation.

I had an overwhelming feeling when I visited this city the other weekend. Even we only spent some hours here, I am already happy and contented to see and to experience it. The highlight of that trip was the meeting with my friend, Aimee, whom I did not see for a decade now. I always believed that this world is truly very small. Imagine, we are both around 11,000 km away from home and we did met in Europe? It was truly a memorable spring vacation. I love it!

Here are some of the travel snapshots I took during my visit in Cannes.

a square near the port. you can see from here, the fortified tower and Chapel of St Anne in the background.

a shopping street in Cannes.

The Harbour in Cannes, France. Taken during my spring vacation, April 2011.
I wish to go back to this place again.

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